One of South Carolina’s largest breweries coming to Columbia in 2022


Calling all craft beer drinkers. Sometime in the next two years, North Main Street in Columbia will become home to Peak Drift Brewing, one of the largest breweries in the entire state.

Construction is already underway on what could soon be one of the Midland’s top destinations to grab a beer.

“Everyone says 2022, maybe early 2023, that’s so far away but we have been working on this for five-plus years now,” said Co-owner Sarah Middleton.

The complex will include multiple dining areas, outdoor seating, basketball courts, and a stage for live performances.

The business will be partially owned by Sarah Middleton and her brother Greg. The beer will also be made by a woman brewmaster, making Peak Drift Brewing an outlier in the industry.

“10% of all craft beer in the US is produced by women and my goal is lets increase that to the highest we can,” said Middleton.