North Main Brewery, Peak Drift Brewing Co. Details Announced


The Middleton Family continues development in Columbia with announcement of Peak Drift Brewing and its new female head brewmaster.

COLUMBIA, SC - A new brewery is coming to 3452 North Main St. in 2022. Peak Drift Brewing Co. will provide Columbia residents with a large space to eat, drink, and be active. The brewery will be owned by siblings, Sara and Greg Middleton.

Recently, ownership announced the brewery’s name and its new head brewmaster, Ashley Kinart-Short. Ashley earned a degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin and worked her way up the ladder until she reached the title of brewmaster at Capital Brewery, one of Wisconsin’s oldest regional craft breweries, in 2015.

“When we were coming up with the concept for Peak Drift Brewing, we knew we wanted to do something truly special.”

Sara Middleton continued, “In 2020, only about 10% of craft beer was produced by females, and we are ecstatic to be one of the breweries working to advance that number.”

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